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Oklahoma City Bombing



On the morning of April 19, 1995, a decorated Gulf War combat vet blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City using a truck bomb that he 22 1

#t=1655" target="_blank">didn't build in a Ryder truck that he didn't rent 2 with the help of a passenger who didn't exist 3. Having just gotten away with the largest act of terrorism on U.S. soil to date the Fort Bragg-trained Special Forces (sheep dipped) “dropout” blended in with the crowd by making his getaway in a car without a license plate and was immediately pulled over.

The ATF was the supposed target of the attack, but luckily all of their agents were 4

#t=615" target="_blank">out of the office that morning.

Later that day the president boldly declared 5 “we will find the people who did this” and “when we do, justice will be swift, certain and severe” except for John Doe #2, who, according to the FBI, never existed.

In McVeigh's unprecedented three and a half week trial the prosecution didn't show the CCTV footage of him 6 (and John Doe #2) parking the Ryder truck, didn't explain why 7

#t=806" target="_blank">24 separate witnesses mass hallucinated the existence of John Doe #2, didn't explain why the government was testing truck bombs 8 and the army was storing Ryder trucks at Camp Gruber 9 right before the bombing, and didn't talk to the FBI informants 10 who blew the whistle on the plot, but they did collaborate with the CIA 11 and they did convict McVeigh as the lone wolf bomber and Terry Nichols as his bomb constructing accomplice.

Still, a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists (including 300 bombing victims 12) insist on talking about facts and evidence and refuse to simply believe what they've been told a million times by people in tailored suits with well-coiffed hair.

They quote the US Army Brigadier General 13 and the FBI crime lab whistleblower 14 and the inventor of the neutron bomb 15 who point out the physical impossibility that the Ryder Truck bomb did the damage to the building, but that doesn't matter because if there were other bombs in the building that day we would have heard about them 16.

The FBI claims to have lost the footage 17 showing McVeigh (and John Doe #2) parking the truck in front of the Murrah Building that morning, but that's understandable because the Bureau has a lot of important evidence to store 18.

Terry Nichols insists the FBI was involved 19 in the plot but thankfully a judge has saved us the trouble of listening to him by preventing lawyers from deposing him 20.

There was a bomb squad truck parked across the street 2 hours before the blast 21, but that just shows the authorities were prepared for anything.

And “someone called the executive secretariat's office at the Justice Department in Washington and said the Murrah building had been bombed…but this was 22 1

#t=1260" target="_blank">24 minutes before the blast.” But that just shows the public was unusually vigilant that morning.

Also, the governor of Oklahoma's brother wrote a book 23 before the attack in which a “Tom McVey” plots to blow up a federal building, but that's probably just a coincidence.

McVeigh wrote a letter to his sister 24 where he admitted to being a secret special forces operative and he complained to friends of the pain in his ass from an Army-implanted microchip 25, but that's crazy because if he didn't actually leave the Army in 1991 there would be proof of that 26.

This man 27 never existed, and if you say otherwise you're a crazy government-hating nutjob who deserves to be locked in a cage for the rest of your life. Likewise him 28, her 29, them 30, her 31 and him 32. (and him 33 and him 34).

McVeigh was not executed on May 16, 2001 as scheduled because the FBI withheld 1000s of documents from McVeigh's lawyers 35, but that doesn't matter because the execution went ahead anyway on June 11. In a highly unusual and secret agreement 36 no autopsy was performed, one witness said he was still breathing 37 and the prison officials admitted his hearse was a decoy 38. Then  the case was officially closed.

This is the story of OKC as told to you by the same truth-tellers behind the Savile story and Brian Williams and the Engel kidnapping 39, and if you questions about any part of this story you are a paranoid, wingnut, birther-truther-tenther-prepper conspiracy loon who should feel guilty for having been born. If you love baseball, fluffy kittens, hot dogs, Barbie, Star Wars and freedom, you will never ever bring up any of these points ever again. Ever.

This message has been brought to you by the friends of the FBI, ATF, DOJ, CIA, SPLC, MSM and the US Army.

And remember: Ignorance Is Strength!

By, Corbett 40

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