Monte, Urbano of Milan


Mad respect to Monte, Urbano of Milan 1544-1613
…..this was not easy to find….
…in fact, I could NOT find a downloadable image on the internet at all!
☸ I found this one slideshow image(couldn’t even rip with the appropriate program), from an auction held in December of 2012. The auction was for a book….a manuscript….a map….a collection of maps…..
☸ The manuscripts sold for between $400,000 and $600,000 US dollars!
(Winning bid or bidder couldn’t be found)
[Manuscript Wall Map of the World.]
Milan: 1587 (with additions to 1589)
➫ On 17th century guard papers, the atlas comprising a double-page general world map on North Polar projection, on thicker paper [a key map] together with a wall map of the world, on a North Polar projection, on 60 double-page leaves, forming radiating sheets from the north pole, each map carefully drawn with numerous place names, mountains, rivers and forests, and decorated with animals, mythological creatures, historical texts and portraits, armorial devices and ships, some sheets heightened in gold and silver, notably the star point around the North Pole and the various portrait figures of historical rulers….
(continued description on site)
➫ Visit the incredible High Resolution HD Gallery of the manuscript’s auction to REALLY see picturesque detail and craftsmanship of this amazing work of artツ

Quoted from listing….
“Whilst unusual, the idea of a North Polar projection does have precedents in cartography, notably the beautiful world map of Postel first published in Paris in 1581, and one to be found engraved in ivory on a table top by Gennaro Picicaro, thought to be Naples, 1597 and probably borrowing from the ideas of Monte.
The ideas for the projection can also be seen in the Contarini/Roselli map (Venice: 1506), the Ruysch map (Rome: 1507), and the Fine in Paris in 1531. All were attempts to capture the full extent of the world”…..our Amazing Flat Earth


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  1. This map proves they are hiding land from us. All modern maps don’t even have the arctic or antarctic on them so future generations have no clue. Its up to us to change this…my kids and their friends are all aware of this land and that there is NO curve to our home…..

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