Wizard Of OZ

~The Wizard Of OZ~

time completeFollow Dorothy(Virgo), as the twister puts her off bearings and she lands on a witch(Libra). Leaving only cup shapes that turn out to be slippers. Following the yellow brick road, she gets back on path. Where she meets the Lion(Leo), Scarecrow(Scarab/Crab), and the T(w)inman(Gemini). She goes on to the land of Oz(x)-(Taurus), where she is led to the Wizard(Aries). Off to the West to kill the witch on a broom(Scorpio). Chased by flying mokeys shooting arrows(Sagitarius) she climbs a steep staircase(Capricorn) to find a bucket of water (Aqaurius). Splash the bucket of death on the witch and off to tap her slippers(Pisces) together. No place like home folks, no place like home.

Truth is stranger then fiction


Nicholas Bourgeois
Author: Nicholas Bourgeois

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