Ten Commandments

The Story Of The Ten Commandments

The Israelites travel with Moses up to the Mountain. THE CHARIOT

Moses leaves the Israelites for 40 years with a Golden Calf. THE SUN

At the Mountain top Moses gains the Ten Commandments through a burning bush. THE LOVERS

1 I am the true God (Amun-Ra~ Sun Moon Earth) ~ THE MOON

2 Before me, other Gods you shall have not ~ THE STAR

3 To vanity you shall take not ~ THE HIEROPHANT

4 Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy ~ THE TOWER

5. Honor Thy Mother and Father ~ THE EMPEROR

6. You shall murder not ~ THE DEVIL

7. You shall not commit Adultery ~ THE EMPRESS

8. You shall not steal ~ TEMPERANCE

9. You shall not bear false witness ~ THE HIGH PRIESTESS

10. The House of your neighbor you shall not covet ~ DEATH


10 Commandments


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