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Gyro-compass_hg The calendar year use to began in March. So, after 0-9 cards are placed on the outer 10 points. Cards 10-21 go around the inner following the western zodiac, starting at Aries.For the Minor Arcana the 4 seasons of life follow from cups to wands, to pents, to swords. The Page is for the Cardinal sign, The Queen is for the Fixed sign, and the King is the Mutable sign. The four Horsemen rest within the four corners.
All of our legends have come from a true understanding of the zodiac and the tarot cards.
This is coming from someone who never thought he would ever say it.
But, I’m a truth seeker and when I find it I share it.

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TarotDisplaysA Never-ending Story with 24 steps out of 22 cards. 2 pents for the Boatman



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