Freedom By Adam Kokesh

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Right now is an amazing time to be alive. The human experience is as rich and delightful as ever and every
day carries the promise of a better world. Not everyone sees it that way, but on the whole, ”Team People” is
doing very well. We have come a long way and that’s something worth taking a step back to appreciate. But
the current path is not sustainable. Governments are transferring more wealth than ever from the poor to the
rich. We are rapidly approaching a point where we must adapt or perish. The short view of history tempts
pessimism. We might see the recent steps backward as the triumph of evil over good, or at least a turn toward
mutual annihilation. They are merely the steps backward in a long progression of one step backward and two
steps forward.
A truly free society does not exist just because we have been convinced we are free. A truly free society
cannot exist when we have been so thoroughly propagandized as to define “freedom” in terms of government-
granted privilege rather than as a universal moral principle. However, a free society is inevitable because the
global paradigm is shifting as we learn how to better assert our right of self-ownership.
We all know life is better with freedom – that our own individual experiences don’t mean nearly as much
without the ability to assert our will, rather than having our choices limited by force. Many of us today still
experience lives dominated by the edicts of others. Many still live under the threat of death from war. While
some are doing relatively well and enjoying a great deal of personal wealth and autonomy, many are not. Even
those who are doing well are living in a less vibrant and robust environment due to violations of individual
freedom around the world.
Any act of violence or threat of violence between individuals represents a violation of someone’s freedom.
The great illusion of the current paradigm of statism is that governments achieve a worthwhile reduction of
violence. Governments are the greatest cause of violence in the world today. They are coercive monopolies with
only an illusion of public support. Everything they do is based on a presumed right to point guns at people who
are acting peacefully.
Many of us are dependent on government, and because it takes on a large role in society, one can claim
that everyone benefits to some degree. This doesn’t mean the benefits justify the cost, and the vast majority of
us experience a net loss due to government. Even if we are convinced that most people have a net gain from
government, we can always do better without using violence.
Freedom is the ability to exercise your will within your rights without the threat of force from anyone else.
It’s really that simple. You own yourself. No one can claim even partial ownership over you without violating
your rights. By abolishing statism we will achieve a world free of miserable victims and miserable victimizers. We
will create a world in which all relations are free of force and coercion. We will see each other as partners in the
human experience, united in our desire to live free and realize our potential. We are destined to build a society
based on respect and cooperation.

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