Crop Circles

By: Deep Inside The Rabbit

Who or what is making crop formations is still a highly debated question.  One thing for sure is that they are not made by a couple of people on their way home from the pub with ropes and boards.  If you do your research you will come to understand that the technology that creates them is beyond what the general public is aware of. Some crop formations are clearly made by hoaxers but they do not contain any of the characteristics of the unexplained ones.  Some people think the military is creating them with directed energy from satellites, while other believe there is a higher intelligence creating them.  Either way they are a mystery that the main stream media refuses to cover.

Why do you think that is?

The beauty in their formation and design is truly incredible.

Don’t believe the debunking reports and do your own investigation.

Crop Circles are truly one of the most amazing phenomena that is ignored by the masses.

If the truth was spread about these formations they would be shown on the front page of every media publication and at the top of every news hour worldwide however they are ignored. The truth about crop circles, or better named, crop formations is available for anyone to see. You can fit a football field inside this formation. circle8Crop formations were starting to get some interest when a government controlled psy ops operation was released that headlined in news papers around the world stating, crop circles were a hoax perpetrated by Doug and Dave, two pranksters on their way home from the pub using  planks and ropes. The world population bought it and never looked back however it couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are some crop formations that are man made but they are obvious, sloppy, much smaller and with a huge amount of evidence of human tampering in the way of plant damage and design flaws. Not to mention uninspiring.

circle9  The real crop formations are impossible for humans to make even given the people trying to make them unlimited resources and as much time they need on a nice day even though the massive geometrically perfect formations appear in just minutes and in the dark.
Crop Formation Being Created?
There are many videos debunking this as fake but the amount of holes in them raises many more questions.

This formation appeared in the early hours of the morning while it was pouring rain all night creating a very soft muddy field.  
circle7There wasn’t a single footprint or mud anywhere in or around the formation.
 This incredible massive formation looks perfect from the air however the 
circles aren’t all actually circles as some of them are ovals to compensate for the rolling hills they are on but so they look like a circle from the air.  This formation (above) is about 800 feet across (90 feet between tractor lines) and at no point on the ground could you see the entire formation. Drawing this design on a piece of paper using drafting tools and a pencil so you can correct mistakes is nearly impossible. The brittle wheat plants snap if you try and bend one but in the formation they appear to have been transformed into right angle growth bends.
This documentary is fascinating and informative as to who or what is making these beautiful informative geometric messages.
This is a comprehensive documentary on crop formations that should change your life.
Latest Crop Formations  All completely ignored by the MSM.
circle1 circle2 circle3 circle4 circle5 circle6

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