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Ancient Knowledge

  “The Ancients” knew much more than given credit for regarding Life, The Universe, Astronomy, Advanced Mathematics, Magnetism, Healing, Unseen Forces etc. Encoded knowledge is … Continue reading


Marian Van Court is an independent scholar who has published many scholarly papers on eugenics and is the founder of the Future Generations website. She … Continue reading

Legalize Nature

by Silver Shield I believe Silver and Cannabis have so much in common in their solution to cure humanity from the sickness that runs the … Continue reading

Crop Circles

By: Deep Inside The Rabbit Who or what is making crop formations is still a highly debated question.  One thing for sure is that … Continue reading

War Is A Racket

Smedley Butler, was decorated with the congressional Medal Of Honor twice. In 1932 he stopped a coup which he was asked to lead. Listen to … Continue reading